1. Even though the sun don’t shine we all still head to the lake. (at Deer Lake Boat Rentals)

  2. A snap from this weekends much needed photo adventure! (at lindeman lake)

  3. After days and days of sun, warm weather and spring flowers today’s gloom is a little hard to swallow.
    (at Vancouver Convention Centre)

  4. Seems like I’m all about paths these days. (at Deer Lake (actually On The Lake))

  5. Had the chance to do a little Q+A with @thedenizenco today! She has a lovely IG feed and a wonderful online journal check it out.(link in her profile) She is currently on an adventure in Japan and her photos are not to be missed! (at Buntzen Lake)

  6. Put a really big bird on it?? (at CIBC)

  7. I found this silver tray at a thrift store a few weeks ago and I’m kinda thinking that breakfast should be served on a silver tray every morning! 😜

  8. The lonely tree. (at Whytecliff Park)

  9. Perhaps one day my patio bamboo will look as lovely as this.

  10. These last few weeks have been busy ones. Adventures like this are what keeps me sane. #stayandwandermeet (at Whytecliff Park)

  11. Early Grey ice cream anyone? (at Earnest Ice Cream)

  12. Overlooking Howe Sound. @#stayandwandermeet (at Whytecliff Park)

  13. What you can’t tell about this bridge from my photo is that it soars 230ft above the canyon floor, it is as long as two Boeing 747 planes wingtip-to-wingtip and could hold 96 elephants on it all at once. And @secretcities looks pretty pleased to have the whole thing to himself. #stayandwandermeet (at Capilano Suspension Bridge)

  14. There really is no place like home. I have no idea why anyone would want to live anywhere other than Vancouver. 😉

  15. Exciting news!! I have been invited to take part in a mobile photography exhibit here in Vancouver!

    It will be part of the Gesamtkunstwerk exhibition which opens on March 22. For more information on the exhibit visit @gwerkca. If you are in Vancouver on the 22nd stop by between 7-10pm for cocktails, food trucks and good times. I’ll be there! #gwerk